A couple of my friends are sterling film directors/producers: I’d like to refer you to their work.  They can always use your support and a kind word of encouragement — if not even funding!  Take a gander at their websites and chuck a few bucks their way!  SUPPORT INDIE FILMMAKING!


John Foss  [click here to review John’s Bio and Homepage] is currently raising funding for his short film, “Bonds.”  This is an exciting project by a talented director.  Principal photography is done!  Check it out and please contribute!  This fundraiser ends January 31, 2013!  http://igg.me/p/286357

aLightintheWoodsElizabeth Hansen, besides being a very funny and overly-talented person, is an Emmy-nominated, WGA award winning screenwriter, with 30+ years (that she admits to) in the professional film and theatre business.  Her company is currently raising funds to complete the film, “A Light in the Woods.”  They have already shot the footage, but need the funds to complete post-production.  Please visit their site and contribute! http://www.indiegogo.com/alightinthewoods


Jessica Mockett (Girl with a Curl) [click here to see REEL] is fund-raising for her full-length documentary project, “Shamed.”  This is an ongoing effort: kudos to Jessica for sticking with this noble effort.  She has a lot of passion for this project and a ton of chutzpah!  You go girl!  Please take a look and contribute: http://www.indiegogo.com/shamed


Alisa Anglesey  [click here to see her boring but informative REEL] is writing a Psychological-Thriller screenplay going to Kickstarter for it’s first segment… oh, sometime in 2013.  It now has a working title, “A Red Tide Rising,” with a little artwork she’s been experimenting with during the process.  I’m privileged to say I am the only person to have laid eyes on portions of this script, and DANG!  Mind-bending, edge-of-your-seat stuff, ya’ll!  Stay tuned for further details.

Another of my friends is starting his own business!  www.1800pharmacy.com. When you need to buy drugstore stuff (including prescriptions), check out his website and support this great cause!  Every purchase contributes toward a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network!  That’s Awesome, Jonathan!  You inspire me!

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I'm on the road to find myself. Although, I had no idea there'd be so much construction.
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