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Did’ja miss me?

Did’ja miss me?  Even just a little?  Oh, come on!  You were pining for something new and completely irrelevant from the Crab, weren’t you?  — [Crickets] Right. Well, I missed you anyway.

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Vagabond – Travel Leg 2

Vagabond – Travel Leg 2 [A continuation from Vagabond – Travel Leg 1, although this one is kind of ridiculously long and boring.  I wouldn’t blame you for skipping it.] My sister pointed out to me that the reason Jr. High … Continue reading

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Cooties! It’s Springtime again and the insects are coming!  The insects are coming!  They hatch from their little alien egg-sacks and peer up at the house lights.  “What’s that, Mama,” they ask?  “It is the mecca, my children.  A place … Continue reading

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Better off in the Sunlight

Better off in the Sunlight Life is a roller-coaster, you know?  With chest-ripping climbs and stomach-dropping plunges, corkscrews and loop-de-loops and… nausea.  At least, this is my life.  Isn’t everybody’s like this?  Or am I being overly-dramatic again?

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Egg salad.  It’ll kill you. Of course, most things will in this world. Laid, gathered, sold and bought. Boiled, peeled, mashed and seasoned.

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