If you see me in the hall appearing distracted
it’s only because I’m living on the verge of tears these days.
Not tears of sorrow nor of fear, but for the near constant state
of amazement that pervades my overworked consciousness.

Watching the gifts of money and time and support distill upon this endeavor
as a gentle dew, I am filled with wonder and consuming awe.
That anyone would share of their substance in such a way is to me
a divine act, worthy of profound respect and gratitude unending.

To those who have given of your means toward the creation of this film,
May God’s blessings attend you for your kindness, generosity,
and child-like faith in the imagined dream, though yet unseen.
These funds are sacred to me and will be managed with commensurate care.

I am speechless. And so I write the colors of my heart.
It’s times such as these that mere prose fails to illustrate
a depth of feeling unexpressed. Even poetry for all its pomp falls short.
And so I say with flawed benediction, “Thank you for believing! You ROCK!”


P.S. — You may view the final product here. https://vimeo.com/meetusatthecorner/listen

Thanks again for your support!

About imacrab

I'm on the road to find myself. Although, I had no idea there'd be so much construction.
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1 Response to Speechless

  1. madaboutmine says:

    Miracles happening!

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