(a.k.a.) Schmancy Meeting You Here!

Hiya!  Welcome to my AUDIO-blog!  Feedback tells me that the only way to appreciate the true genius of this site (tongue planted firmly in cheek) is to do so by LISTENING to the stories.  That’s all this blog is.  Stories about people I’ve met and experiences I’ve had the pleasure — or not — of… experiencing..

It’s not for light skimming (because you have SO much free time) or to get anyone’s blood a-boil.  The magic is in pausing to share the experience with me.  At least, I hope that’s where the magic is.  If not, then I must have left it in my other jacket.

Oh, but here’s the other MAGIC! You can turn on the AUDIO and LISTEN while doing other things! Surf the web! Clean the house! Floss your teeth! Groom your dog! ALL while simply listening to the charming tales from my life. Now really, isn’t that a bargain?

Why blog? Somewhere, sometime, for some reason somebody told me I should be a writer.  So, in typical rebel fashion, I ignored them completely and became something else.  But I enjoy writing, so I’ve decided to give it a whirl at this juncture in my life.

“Galaxy” by Jackson Pollock

As this blog is designed mostly for AUDIO, I know ’twill be painful for all you grammar-geeks whose index finger is hovering maliciously over the mouse, ready to ax it because of my atrocious punctuation and floundering tenses. I freely admit this is not my strong suit.  I overuse commas, semicolons and hyphens like Jackson Pollock on his fifth Red Bull and my tenses are always a bit fishy to say the least.  But hey, it’s my style!  Set your OCD aside for a moment and enjoy the rest. Or, better yet, forget the written word and just LISTEN. Or, if you absolutely must read, you can try cutting little slits in a shoebox and trying to read the screen through that.  I hear it filters out 90% of poor grammar-radiation in any given document.

PickaPostOne more thing: As you can tell from my charming demeanor, I am rather shy and retiring by nature.  (More true than you know.)  Therefore, I intend never to use REAL names in this blog (especially my own) while writing about true-life events… unless said individual in-a-Petri-dish-under-this-microscope-of-observation gives explicit permission for me to do so and apparently has a death-wish.  (Or they are a public figure, or they’re already dead.)

Suffice it to say, although purely for entertainment, everything in here is true. But the names have been changed to protect the guilty.  Happy Reading!  — Wishing you Peace.

THANK YOU — you AMAZING person, you — for stopping by!  Please feel free to ask questions, leave comments, like, etc.

P.S. — If you prefer chronological navigation to typical blog-structure (reverse chronological order), I recommend clicking the SIGNPOSTS page — upper right.  (…or right there where I just gave your little mouse friend a link.)

P.P.S. — The AUDIO FILE attached to each essay may be found at the beginning of the post.  Clicking the link will open a window in Soundcloud where you may hear the author tell it in her own words. No, it’s NOT boring! Geez!

P.P.P.S. — And, I thought this would be appropriate here…


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