My Nanna: The Great Green Leviathan

My Nanna: The Great Green Leviathan

Seat-Belt-Law-Map-1024x853Did you know that New Hampshire is the only state that does not require anyone over the age of 18 to wear a seatbelt?  All other states have seatbelt laws of varying severity for travelers of all ages.  While the United States was right in step with the rest of the world for the installment of “safety restraints”, we were nearly dead last (right along with the U.K. and Hong Kong) to make it a legislated requirement.  Australia won that race, requiring the use of seat belts as early as 1970, with New Zealand, France, and Singapore following hot on their heels.  The U.S. didn’t get serious about safety belts until 1984, when New York became the first state to make it mandatory.

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Cloning Ragtime Technology

Cloning Ragtime TechnologyRagtimeMusical

Last night a friend of mine offered me tickets to view “Ragtime” at the Hale Center Theatre.  I had been meaning to go see this production, but had never actually made time.  A free ticket?  Boom!  Time just opened up in my calendar!

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Did’ja miss me?

Did’ja miss me?  Even just a little?  Oh, come on!  You were pining for something new and completely irrelevant from the Crab, weren’t you?  — [Crickets]

Right. Well, I missed you anyway.

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Vagabond – Travel Leg 2

Vagabond – Travel Leg 2

[A continuation from Vagabond – Travel Leg 1, although this one is kind of ridiculously long and boring.  I wouldn’t blame you for skipping it.]

My sister pointed out to me that the reason Jr. High and High School failed my formula is because there is no “recess” per se anymore.  That’s true.  We are given tiny breaks between classes—usually just long enough to get from one class to the next—and then, of course, there is the dreaded lunch period.  But even without this crucial factor, I might have been able to adapt, as I did,… for a time.

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It’s Springtime again and the insects are coming!  The insects are coming!  They hatch from their little alien egg-sacks and peer up at the house lights.  “What’s that, Mama,” they ask?  “It is the mecca, my children.  A place of warmth and all the tasty blood you can get.”

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Better off in the Sunlight

Better off in the Sunlight

kingda_04Life is a roller-coaster, you know?  With chest-ripping climbs and stomach-dropping plunges, corkscrews and loop-de-loops and… nausea.  At least, this is my life.  Isn’t everybody’s like this?  Or am I being overly-dramatic again?

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Egg salad.  It’ll kill you.
Of course, most things will in this world.
Laid, gathered, sold and bought.
Boiled, peeled, mashed and seasoned.

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For the Strength of Youth

For the Strength of Youth

Age is relative.  In our society we are generally so quick to segregate ourselves into generations that can’t understand one another.  The “older generation” doesn’t have a clue what the “younger generation” is going through.  Or, from the “older generation’s” perspective, the “younger generation” is so “entitled”.  We are so quick to segregate ourselves by decade.  “You know you’re a child of the 90’s if…” or “…a child of the 80’s, 70’s, etc.”  Our music defines us and separates us by generation.  The old folks sometimes call the music of today “noise,” and the young people of today’s generation may call the music of yesteryear “boring”.  Not always, but sometimes.mind-the-gap-lg

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Kathleen Turner’s vocal wannabe

Kathleen Turner’s vocal wannabe

Yesterday I arose at three in the morning to make it to a 4:30am. crew call to check-in a hundred extras.  For those who work in film, you know this is not unusual.  Heinous and insane, yes; but not unusual.  Halfway through the check-in process, it hit.  Nausea, dizziness, and I started to lose my voice.  I thought it was just the feeling of being overwhelmed having to directly interact with so many people at once.  That does get a little overwhelming for me.  Either that, or the fact that the head of our H.R. department was sitting right next to me, listening to every stray word that flew from my mouth in my usual attitude of easy morning banter.

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Just Grateful. That’s all.

Thank You for reading this.  Really, I’m so very grateful whenever anyone visits my blog for any reason.  Thank you, Maria, for always responding to my posts in some way.  And Thank you, M.A., for always “liking” whatever I post — even if it’s crap.  And a special shout-out and humongous THANK YOU to whoever you are in the Bay Area who reads EVERY one of these posts!  I don’t know who you are, but you absolutely MAKE MY DAY all the time!

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