AT the CROSSWALK: Interesting People I’ve met
My First Date — Slice One
My First Date — Slice Two
Mr. John-boy
The Dentist
Gifts from O’Ma
Sand in my Britches (punk’d)
The One Time I Got Scared Out o’ my Wits (aka, The Witch)
Civic Duty (voting can be fun!)
Uncle Bert
Further Ramblings About Dating
People I’m Thankful for Even Though I Hate Them
Trample Joe’s
Late Blooming in a Societal Garden
La Carreta
EILAF-MILFAH (conversations with a hummingbird)
Like Muppets for Teachers
For the Strength of Youth
Cloning Ragtime Technology
A Case of “The Ben’s”
The Saratov Approach

Lookin’ for Roots — Part Un
Lookin’ for Roots — Part Deux
Death by Accordion (What not to take through airport security)
Curtains (aka, actual death)
A Silver Cage in New York City
Hidden Treasure (NYC Theatre production reviews)
My First Hanukkah
A Tale of Two Agents
Vagabond: Travel Leg 1 (How to Make Friends and Influence People)
Vagabond: Travel Leg 2 (How to Die Slowly)
My Nanna: The Great Green Leviathan

GUM on MY SHOE: Thoughts and Ruminations (perhaps even poetry)
Apples-n-Pears (as if you care)
Why the Whimsy? (Why I’m not trying to raise a ruckus.)
Instant Karma — just add hot water!
A Piece of me
School Pictures
They’ll Never Ask Me to Speak Again
Wayfaring to Hegira (a poem)
Poetry and Existential Crap Like That (two poems)
Speaking to Cancer (more words parading as poetry)
A Valentine to the Day
My Hidden Pool
Bad Words / Good Words (ruminations after the Boston bombings)
Egg Salad (Deep Thoughts, Toasted)
Better off in the Sunlight (ie: getting stuff off my underdeveloped chest)
August… again.
So,… How’s Your Script Coming Along?
One for the Road

SQUIRREL!  (distractions)
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the original)
Joy Cometh in the Morning
Just Grateful. That’s All.
Kathleen Turner’s vocal wannabe (emphasis on “wannabe”)
Happy Birthday to Me

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